Soul in Bloom

Pamela Bloom, acapella voice, rainstick & triangle

1. A Bodhisattva Vow, based on the words of Shantideva

2. Prayer of Motivation

3. Four Dharmas of Gampopa

4. Arousing Awakened Heart

5. Sacred Mantra: Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum

6. Sacred Mantra: Om Mani Padma Hum

7. Dedication of Merit Pamela

For the last three decades, following years of study in opera, I have been exploring the power of sound in relation to meditation--to raise the spirit and heal the soul. As an intuitive, I have developed a unique form of healing that combines my intuitive sight with the healing medium of my singing voice. I do this work in private sessions where each client receives, within a meditative environment, an intuitive reading as well as unique “soul song” that reflects their inner soul patterns. I was given the great opportunity to hone this healing art form while volunteering at the Manhattan Center for Living, a healing center founded by Marianne Williamson in the 90s for those suffering from chronic and terminal illnesses. Today I work with people from all walks of life who desire to go deeper into themselves and find the true source of healing within.

Inspired by the Tibetan tradition, this album was designed as a free-flowing meditative experience that can be used in a variety of ways - as a devotional practice of compassion and/or to inspire healing for people of all faiths. It has proven particularly useful in bringing a sense of peace and groundedness to those suffering from illness—mental, physical or spiritual. Although the words of these chants and the sacred mantras are drawn from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, I believe their ultimate meaning is universal and beyond religious orientation--attesting to the power of “bodhicitta” or “awakened heart” in all of us.

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20 minutes, 7 tracks

Produced by Alma Creativa

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By Charlie Miller, Grammy-award-winning jazz pianist, trumpet player, and arranger /collaborator for the Dr. John Band:

“Thanks so much for this precious experience! I'm so happy. When I first started hearing it I started crying, because my soul has been longing for some quiet spiritual connection and here it is. After a while as I listened throughout the cd I merely sat suspended in the beauty of the moment, amazed at the lyrics, melodies, and the peace and comfort they share. This is surely a great work. I'm so happy to have access to it as a refreshing oasis time and again whenever I can gather up enough inner wisdom to sit/lay down and just simply be with it. Warmest Peace to Pamela.”                                              



Morning Walks and Talks with Mooji

Set of 4 audio CDs, India 2008-2009

Produced, recorded and introduced by Pamela Bloom

From my recorded introduction:

“These recordings of Satsangs with Mooji arose spontaneously during early morning walks with him in Tiruvannamalai, 2009. Beyond the formal satsangs that took place on the rooftop of SP Guesthouse, we discovered that satsang with Mooji could arise anywhere -- on a street corner, in a cafe, at a temple—as long as there was an urgency of inquiry. For a period of time, Mooji would arise early for a morning walk at 6:30 am, joined by a group of us that ranged from ten to thirty people. For all of us, these were very special times— a chance to hold his hand, walk arm in arm, ask a question from the heart. For about forty minutes we'd walk along a well-traveled route to Kannapa Temple, then stop for refreshment at an outdoor chai shop, where under the shade of a magnificent tree, satsang would naturally arise. Three sessions were held outside at Kannapa Temple itself— one guided meditation and two very profound satsangs. I recorded all these sessions, separated by a bell, on a simple recorder. All the sounds of rural daily life appear as they were - cows mooing, traffic rumbling by, the sound of coconuts being whacked open. For many of us, the spiritual atmosphere of these sessions was highly charged: amidst the vigorous dialogue and hearty laughter, a vast silence often seemed to descend, and tears flowed freely; even wandering sadhus silently gravitated to listen. The result are recordings that are raw and direct, deeply intimate, and take you to the heart of satsang with Mooji.”

- Pamela Bloom

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