Soul in Bloom

I offer a variety of private healing sessions that can help you connect to your inner spark, facilitate the dissolving of blocks - creative, emotional and spiritual - and begin the road to regaining optimal health on all levels.

Sessions can be done in person, over the phone or on Skype or Zoom. I have even done a session over “chat” on the Internet. These days, all my sessions are remote.

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Imagine floating. Imagine effortlessly letting go of tensions, worries, concerns. Imagine pain disappearing. Imagine, with each breath, feeling more relaxed, more present, more loving, more connected to your core. Imagine yourself loved and loving and grateful to be alive.

In this hour-long session, I combine the gentle power of my voice with the ability to transmit universal source energy to guide you into deep states of renewal and rejuvenation. Clients are welcome to sit or lie down; no experience is necessary, and all ages are welcome. Some people fall asleep; others who meditate often find they can more easily access deeper brain states, such as alpha or theta.

This profound rejuvenating experience is perfect for stress management, pain relief, healing crises, detox assistance, personal growth, and general enhancement of inner beauty. This is a longer version of the work I developed for hospital patients, where I’ve witnessed people in deep pain or distress falling asleep in five minutes. It is also a beautiful gift to offer someone in hospice.

A massage therapist and healer recovering from a broken leg, several surgeries, and a severe infection caused by a hospital stay reports on her Integrative Reiki experience that was given over the phone:

“Wow, Pamela. Thank you, that was amazing. The colors that I was seeing, the energy came through so powerfully. There was a point in which I felt the streaming energy pulsing around my left foot and ankle like a swirling healing energy…and when I got up I could feel the difference. There was less pain and more ability to stand on it. You are a powerful energy healer. I loved what you spoke and feel the ‘youthening’. I looked in the mirror as I walked (with walker) to the bathroom and saw my 35-year-old young self. Again with much gratitude and appreciation for you…thank you.”  
                                 --Sarah L., Arizona


This is a private session (about 1-1/4 hours) which combines a balancing of the chakra system through sound and energy with a clairvoyant reading of your soul issues.

Working from expanded states of consciousness, I receive both detailed and symbolic information from your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. For the first 20 minutes, I conduct the healing through sound as you are lying down. Many people find this part extremely relaxing and often reach deeper states of consciousness. Afterwards, you may sit up while I relay the meaning of the images I received. Each image holds an enormous amount of information, which can help bring insight to you and help unlock barriers to soul development.

Topics may include: your personal soul goals and challenges, emotional blocks from childhood and past lives, untapped gifts and talents, sexual and creative issues, relationship problems, intuitive gifts and connection to inner guidance. Many times clients experience during the session their own soul images  or new creative ideas. No religious alliance is necessary: I’ve worked with people of all faiths -  from Episcopal monks to atheists. I especially love to work with those in creative fields.

As preparation, I’ll ask you to ponder in advance what you would like to receive or heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. That way, the session can be more accurately targeted to your goals.

These sessions are warm, supportive, elegant, musical, interdimensional, deeply meditative, and highly transformative. 

I supply a digital recording of the session or you may record it on your own equipment. People have reported that re-listening to the reading, especially the sound healing, brings continued healing support.

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These private sessions are designed to lead you through “soul journeys”--deep meditative states where you can better access your hidden strengths and talents.

Through an ongoing commitment to this work, clients have been able to:

     - heal long-standing emotional blocks

     - resolve grief issues

     - connect and heal past life trauma

     - make connection inner guidance

     - open intuitive channels

     - open creative blocks


Inspired from my work at Beth Israel Hospital, I now work with women in all stages of maternity - pre- and post-natal, in crisis and recovery. Energy healing is an excellent support for the health of mother and baby, and inner spiritual work can help you overcome emotional obstacles to getting pregnant and maintaining a health delivery. I am also available for support during labor at home or in hospital, with the permission of your physician. My work giving energy healing to preemies as well as to mothers immediately post-birth has proven highly successful.


Based on need and desire, I create customized meditation and healing tapes. They can run from 15-20 minutes and include a guided meditation and background music, along with positive affirmations related to your issues. These tapes make wonderful gifts for those going through healing crisis or life transitions, or as adjuncts to your own healing journey. They have proven particularly successful with those suffering from chronic or life-threatening diseases. I suggest that listening to the tape at least once a day for 21 days to receive the full effect. Many listen to it more than once a day or over many months.

Here’s a testimony:

“So much gratitude and appreciation I am feeling toward you, Pamela.  I’ve already listened twice to the special meditation you created for me.  It is wonderful, and I thank you for taking your time to create something so special and beautiful. I felt loved by Source/Creator/Spirit/God - that such a gift was given to me through you. Truly, I was "nudged" in your direction by that infinite spirit - a few times now. And now I will open myself to trust that same spirit of guidance in other aspects of my life. I will use my special meditation to help me. I am Blooming!”  
                    - Deborah Meier, Washington




Using expanded states of consciousness, I help artists in all fields hone their vision, dissolve blocks, and focus intention to manifest creative projects. I have worked with writers, musicians, and artists as well as clients just discovering their creativity. Among clients have been an assistant conductor at the Metropolitan Opera, an Episcopalian monk, world-class entertainers, and painters.

If you are working on any creative project - be it music, art, writing, business - I  can support your direction with more clarity and purpose from the soul level. My intuition is greatly enhanced by my own personal training as a performing artist, writer, editor, and brand consultant.

As a writing coach, I have also helped numerous writers reach publication. I also critique manuscripts and supply ongoing editorial support - from fiction to nonfiction.

Here’s a note from a first-time author who went through three versions of her manuscript with me to finally create a stellar manuscript about raising a very unusual child.

“Pamela. I just wanted to give you an update...I am still working on getting a literary agent for my manuscript. I’ve taken a couple of classes from Writer’s and learned more about what I needed to do. I have started developing my book proposal and my author platform. One of the classes included a review by a literary agent. I wanted to tell you that she told me my writing sample (the first 10 pages of the manuscript) were solid and she had no feedback. Thank you so much for getting me there!!! I never could have done that without you!”             
                  -- Bridget de Rico, marketing consultant



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