Soul in Bloom

I love to share stories of healing because I myself have been inspired by the courage and fearlessness of those I work with as they transform their lives. Below, client testimonies from sessions performed in all kinds of locations--in person, on Skype, over Facebook chat, via a customized tape, or simply completely remote, ong-distance without any technology. 

From my GIlda’s Club Zoom weekly workshop “Calm Through Crisis”:

“I haven’t felt this calm in 50 years.”


“Brilliant. I connected to my mind and then I started stepping into a whole new world—relaxed, peaceful.”

“I felt like I was in a beautiful garden and felt one with everybody here (on Zoom).”


“I felt some warmth come. Hard to explain. It felt as if my eyes were getting a massage.  My cat suddenly went and looked right at the screen, then came into my lap and went to sleep. Wild.”


“I have practiced different techniques of meditation and somehow this brought them all together.”


“Before we started, my body felt like it was on fire. Afterwards, it is almost all gone.”

“Headache gone.”

Testimony #1

Here is one woman’s journey through hip replacement surgery and how she was able to leave behind painkillers in record time.

“How do I describe the love, gratitude and appreciation I feel for Pamela?

From the first time I met Pamela over 7 years ago, I have always wanted to experience a healing with her. I knew instinctively that she was a natural and powerful healer, just from her presence. She has an infectious smile, soothing lyrical voice and such a loving, open heart and nature. When we first met I asked for her card in hopes of getting together for a healing. Time went by, and while I hadn't had a formal healing with her, I did experience her amazing healing gift when I was in the audience at an event where she was introducing another gifted man from Croatia. Although she was not technically the "main act", to my mind, I received an amazing healing just listening to her and being with her. My friends with whom I was sitting said the same thing, at the same time! The way she wove her introduction and embraced the audience was mesmerizing and as healing as the event to follow.

But two and a half weeks ago, I had a total hip replacement of my right hip at Hospital for Joint Diseases in NYC. It is one the top five hospitals to have this kind of surgery. Even so, I had never been through this and was scared to death inside. I had contacted Pamela and asked her if she might help me out a bit after I got home from the hospital. She said yes and I was happy enough to know that I might see her after I got home, figuring I would have care in the hospital and not knowing what to expect.

The surgery by the doctor's account that morning went brilliantly. It was over by 10:30 am...yet I remained in ICU until 7 pm. When I finally got to my room, I felt numb but relieved that I had lived through the operation! I was pumped full of very strong narcotics--oxycontin and oxycodone--and also had had a spinal injection and spinal block. At 2 am I fell asleep and awoke in agony and pain. I felt like a truck had hit me and I couldn't believe the pain level. The nurse administered more narcotics and I fell back asleep. I had a button I could push every 6 minutes if I needed to self-administer more pain-killers.

Day two I awoke terribly nauseous and uncomfortable. The whole day I was miserable and plenty drugged up. I threw up in the morning and felt bad all day . The nurse and therapists dutifully made me get up anyway and walk to the bathroom and sit in a chair. I couldn't imagine either one! Somehow the day passed and I made it through the night with comforting nurses and more narcotics.

By day three, there seemed no end in sight to my misery and nausea. Again I was encouraged to get up and walk and sit up as long as possible in a chair. All of a sudden, I could hear Pamela's voice and see her behind me. Even though she had offered to make the long trek to the hospital to give me a healing, I hadn’t wanted to trouble her, but was delightfully surprised to see her.

It was like the Angel of the Lord had appeared! LOL. Pamela encouraged me to stay sitting up and offered to give me Johrei (a form of energy healing), sitting in a chair across from me. It was mid morning, day three, and I had not taken any more meds, feeling so nauseous. I sat for some time, trying to be as open and receptive as I could, as I felt so needy and sick. It didn't take long before I began to feel better, bit by bit. My stomach calmed down and sitting was even getting a little easier! I'm sure it was the light she was sending from her hands, but I was equally comforted by her love, caring and presence. I was so touched that she came to see me, especially because it had been a rough two days prior. As she gave me healing, I think I sat for forty minutes or longer, which was really good. The nausea subsided and eventually I laid back down, feeling more like myself.

That afternoon I rested comfortably and was so encouraged and motivated by the many creative healing visualizations and suggestions Pamela left with me and continued to text me. She reminded me that I could use my mind to see myself moving and healing and reminded me to give gratitude for all the things that had gone so well with my surgery. My favorite suggestion of hers, which I loved, was to remember I had at least 7 trillion other cells in my body that were healthy and functioning well and they could remind my hip how to come alive and heal quickly. She made up musical rhymes and poems about the hip-hop hospital and how I'd be hip-hopping soon. She made me laugh and feel good and reminded me of all my many blessings.

Pamela continued to check in with me and sent me long-distance healing the next day. It was amazing. She was so there for me and I felt so loved and grateful for her generosity and support. The most amazing thing is, from day three when she came and gave me the first healing, I never had any more narcotics. I only took extra-strength Tylenol for pain when I really needed it. I am sure it was the healing work, checking in with me, and her loving care in that first week and beyond that sped up my healing process incredibly. Even I couldn't believe that after a hip replacement, I could just take Tylenol on the 3rd day and feel good.

Pamela has been there for me in a way that I will always remember, cherish and appreciate. I hope to somehow return the gift and support someday, for I have no words to adequately express how much she meant to me through my harrowing surgery and my healing process. In the hospital, I faced some of my worst fears of being helpless, dying, abandoned, and of having to ask for help. She made all the difference, and even as I am writing this, I feel tears of gratitude and joy for having such a good friend at my side. She is truly an amazing Healer, Person, Friend and Wise Woman. Thank you, Pamela from the bottom of my heart for sharing your healing gifts, words, and wise encouragement so freely and generously with me, at a time when I needed you the most.

I heartily recommend Pamela as a Healer Extraordinaire I thank you again with all my heart and I love.

               - Gingy O’Brien, musician, NYC high school teacher

Testimony #2

When you are faced with a medical crisis, it does not have to be an either/or situation--alternative vs. traditional medicine. What we are seeing is that it is possible to go through chemo with minimal symptoms when you work with the the body energetically as well as reframe the experience as a positive approach.

I have known Pamela for over 20 years. She is psychically gifted and a spiritual healer. She has helped me and my friends in almost miraculous ways. One friend was in a coma for 6 weeks. At my request Pamela came to the hospital in Staten Island and worked on Artie for about an hour. Artie awoke from his coma a half hour later. The doctors were perplexed. A similar thing happened with me when I was in the hospital in the late 90's. Through her energy work, she also helped me detox from a highly adverse reaction to prescription drugs over a two-hour span--something the doctors said would take 2 weeks.

She is now working with my partner, who was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma 2 months ago. His chemo treatment consists of a nasty chemo cocktail that is administered 6 times, each one 3 weeks apart. The side effects are supposed to be quite distressful. So far with Pamela's help, he is experiencing virtually no side effects from the treatments and in fact his energy level is extraordinary, considering the toxicity of this therapy.

I would highly recommend Pamela's work to anyone in need of such services.   

                                                                     --Derek Danton, New York City


After Robert’s last chemo treatment (#4 out of 6), a PET scan  on Dec. 24, 2014, showed the cancer, deemed incurable, was UNDETECTED!!!

Testimony #3

There is no distance in my healing work. This is from a 71-year-old woman who was riding her bike in Brazil when she suddenly got caught between a bus and the curb and experienced a catastrophic fall. Having recently met me in New York, she informed me over email what had happened to her.

My dear Pamela, I want to thank you for what you did for me when I had that bad fall on Oct. 30, 2014 in Brazil. The ten minutes I spent lying while you sent me healing vibrations long-distance from New York was an instant remedy for the aftershock of the fall, the blood from my nose and from the cut on my forehead, the pain in my broken finger and sprained knee, the stitches, the E.R., the fact of being all alone throughout this and at home too. I got up calmer and stronger.

Then you sent me the custom healing tape you made for me, which I listened to when I went to bed. I thought I’d never fall asleep, but in fact I didn’t make it to the end of the tape awake, and I slept soundly. From then on, I’ve been listening to the tape as you told me to do, and here comes the good news:

The doctor told me my hand should be in a plaster cast for 45 days, which would be till December 15;  but my recovery was so unusually quick that on November 28 the doctor took off the cast. He was amazed by how fast I had healed and took another X-ray to make sure I was OK.

I’m very indebted to you. The kindness in your heart is as large as the strength of your power. May God bless you ever.

                                                  - Eliana Sabino, Rio das Ostras, RJ, Brasil

Testimony #4

I began working with the following client a few days before he was diagnosed with aggressive leukemia. He was experiencing extreme panic attacks and shortness of breath and felt intuitively that something was very wrong with his body. When the diagnosis came the next day, his doctor sent him immediately to Memorial Sloan Kettering for aggressive chemo. Over the next two weeks I worked with him 2 to 3 times a week, about 10 sessions in all. In ten days his life-threatening tumor reduced 51 percent, and he was allowed to continue treatment as an outpatient (the initial prediction had been two-months-plus in hospital). This client also worked daily with a series of healing tapes I custom-made for him. Ten days after he left hospital, i received this email:

“Hi Pamela. I wanted to tell you some great news, My cancer is gone. I am officially in remission. I will still be doing chemo but from a perspective of keeping it away. We are grateful beyond words. And you were a part of this. Still have work to do but this was a shock.”

                                                                                            --New York City

Testimonies for Deep Immersion Healing

My newest form of healing work is called Deep Immersion™ , which has organically evolved out of 30 years of practice. Here are some testimonials from those who have experienced mini-sessions of Deep Immersion™ over the phone. By experiencing a deep immersion into your own Source Energy, you are more easily able to activate your own self-healing abilities. Combining energy transmission and guided meditation, each session is unique and customized to the client.

The following is from a renown world-class classical singer recovering from throat cancer surgery:

“Thank you, Pamela, I thoroughly enjoyed our Deep Immersion™ session! I felt positive and refreshed during the session and afterwards. In fact, I felt much more like my real self - more connected. I had thoughts of being a healer myself. I realized that I use a lot of comforting visualization when I teach voice, and I think I can use even more of that in the future.”                   

                                                                 - Cancer patient, Washington State

“Aloha Pamela....thank you with all my heart for the beautiful session. I felt a lot of release and peace, tears, heart light and centering. I didn't have anxiety yesterday for the first time in awhile. When I feel it coming on, I go to the beautiful space of Home in my heart.                                                                    

                                                                                                  - S.A., Hawaii

“Always a huge pleasure to be with you, Pamela! Love your sweet energy! After the session my body felt expanded and not so condensed...And I felt much lighter…What a joy to have your voice lead me through healing and remembrance. We get so 'constricted' this time of year within the body....cold, dark..... holiday to-do lists…A true gift this morning and I am very grateful!!!!                                         

                                                                           -- Debra Meier, Washington

A massage therapist and healer recovering from a broken leg, several surgeries and a severe infection caused by a hospital stay reports on her Deep Immersion™ experience over the phone:

“Wow Pamela. Thank you, that was amazing. The colors that I was seeing, the energy came through so powerfully. There was a point in which I felt the streaming energy pulsing around my left foot and ankle like a swirling healing energy…and when I got up I could feel the difference. There was less pain and more ability to stand on it. You are a powerful energy healer. I loved what you spoke and feel the youthening. I looked in the mirror as I walked (with walker) to the bathroom and saw my 35-year-old young self. Again with much gratitude and appreciation for you…thank you.

                                                                                            -  S.L., Arizona

A phone session resulted in a new-found confidence.

“To my great surprise, one of the many positive effects of working long distance with Pamela Bloom, was the re-emergence of my ability to be a channel for healing as well. From the moment I heard her speak at a Braco event, I felt her spirit, shared her love for music and healing and enjoyed her observations about the power of the healing light. Working one-on-one with her brought all of that home and ignited my own desire to utilize the gifts that were bestowed upon my soul. Thank you, Pamela! YOU are A GIFT!”      

                                                                                  - La Pizzi, Washington

The following are results from a custom healing tape I made for a client to support their recovery from breast cancer surgery.

“Dear Pamela, I hope all is well. The tapes are going well. I look forward to the daily support  deep relaxation and access to my divine healing energies that the recording brings me. I use it upon waking and anytime that I need extra support. It's been a powerful resource to have during my extended healing time and I am very grateful for it.”

                                                                                        - New York City

Testimony #6

I also offer sessions of Intuitive Readings combined with Healing through Sound.

“I consider myself fortunate, indeed, for having had two private intuitive readings with Pamela Bloom. We had not met before our first session and so I found her insight into my personality quite astounding. Pamela was able to hone in on specific energetic blocks which I had been holding onto since childhood. She ever-so-gently brought me to realizations which helped me to release old patterns of being and, through her love, she revealed to me the beauty of my own soul. I highly recommend Pamela's intuitive readings to anyone, whether you have a specific problem to work on, or if you want to experience your own soul sparkling with new light.”


                                                                         - Deborah Meier, Washington

Testimony #7

There are no limits to healing. Often we don’t know the origin of problems, until we begin to look deep into the family lineage. Here is a remarkable testimony from a German woman whom I have never met in person, only through Facebook and a Skype encounter. She informed me one day via Facebook chat that she had been disturbed by a heavy feeling of spirits around her and she asked for help.  The session was done “invisibly,” over the internet, while she stayed in a quiet, receptive mood. Afterward, I shared with her my inner journey.

Dear Pamela, thank you so much for your healing session! It was so much more, than I ever expected! It was incredibly easy and with so much result at the same time.

I asked Pamela for help, because I had unwanted spirits around me. Within seconds the spirits who had bothered me for a while were gone. With this session the healing just began. Since the spirits were Jewish and I am from Germany, it was a very touching moment, when Pamela did this with her Jewish background and all her love. She asked all the people who were involved, the spirits, myself, my neighbours, and my ancestors to sit in the spirit of forgiveness. Peace and Love entered the room and  I felt a great relief.

The night after the session, I could not sleep, light and heat waves were flooding my body, and so many, many spirits came and went into the light.  My ancestor lines were lightened as well; I could see how much my parents had suffered and struggled as young adults in the 60s with German history and how this pressure on them was relieved through the spirit of forgiveness.  And I could see the spirit of my great-grandmother who appeared. When I saw her, I knew she had been Jewish like the mother of my Jewish neighbors. But it had been hidden not just during the war in Europe but also after it.  For myself I felt as if I had found something which I had lost for so long and which is part of my inner home and my soul.

Three days after the healing session with Pamela I found old papers with our family tree and I had the material proof that my ancestors had obviously been Jewish. Later on, a family member confirmed this.

So for me, the session brought great relief in so many ways. The spirits went into the light, the family secret was enlightened, which helped me to be connected to all my power of the ancestral line, and there was a peace with my neighbors which I had lost some time ago.

As a German, I felt the healing brought also light into my soul, which had to do with the collective German history.  And I learned that there is no separation between the spirits, between myself, between my ancestors.

Since I have worked with many healers, I can say that the healing space which was provided through Pamela´s work is really interdimensional and I would suggest it to anyone!

Love to you, dear Pamela. I just loved the whole work and topic and your point of view (you need it, I need it, the spirits need it, no separation). Thank you for your open heart and your willingness to help. I wish you the best with your work and on your path.  I know it must have been this way, and my ancestors are still grateful to you, I remember my DNA, like golden in circles, and how they were so happy that our generation can live freely and got this Jewish energy back...Love, Love, Love

                                           - Nadja Szeplabi, Germany

Testimony #8

“Pamela has a precious talent of instilling deep communication within. My session was not only a unique and amazing experience but also uplifting and greatly healing. I was guided to my own source of power and clarity to embrace what is really significant and supportive for my path. Pamela's creative and loving spirit made a very important imprint for my inner awakening."

                                                                                 - Iwona Drelich, artist

Testimony #9

"Pamela Bloom is the kind of person you may only meet once in a lifetime. For she possesses that rare quality of someone who not only can guide and transform your creativity, she can, in the process, enable you to transform your Self. Ms. Bloom is, among all things, a spiritual guide, someone who can enrich your life as well as your artistry."


             - Victorio Korjhan, award-winning Screenwriter & Flamenco Artist

Testimony #10

“Pamela, you are a tremendous conduit for awakening and expansion!!!  

Your gifts of bringing through truths and guidance are so finely tuned and beautifully expressed. I'm supremely happy we had the opportunity to meet and be together. “

                                                                - Anita Hyatt, crime analyst, healer

Testimony #11

“Being an inveterate introvert, I was a wee bit hesitant to join Pamela Bloom's "12 Day: Bloom Your Creativity Challenge" that she held online - but I am so I glad I did!! I found out about the challenge just as I was trying to think of ways to "expand" into my life's potential and live a more creative life (what timing!) So, for me, it truly was a challenge. 

As the days progressed the challenge became an adventure. The progression of tasks which Pamela had us do really helped me to think in different ways about what creativity meant to me. I was encouraged to share each day's experience by reading what other participants contributed to the discussion. Pamela gave insightful, personal responses to each of us every step of the way. She was a perfect guide who used her considerable skills to enable each one of us to explore and "bloom" our creativity in our own unique ways.

Pamela was also the creator and presenter of a wonderful workshop which I had the pleasure of attending. She was a visitor in our area of Southwest Washington and was asked, on short notice, to do a workshop for approximately 20 people. The interactive workshop was about personal empowerment and Pamela was clearly personally empowered when she spoke and interacted with each of us! She was concise and the workshop flowed beautifully.

You are a gem, Pamela - I'm so glad to have participated in these adventures with you.” 

    --Deborah Meier

Testimony #12

During my rounds Mount Sinai Beth israel Hospital, I worked with a beautiful 29-year-old mother from Indiana who had jaw cancer. Later, her children came to visit her and she asked me to do a session with her and her young daughters--eight and ten years old. I decided to teach them Reiki and give them what I called “Mini-Reiki Attunements” so that they could support their mother’s healing journey and also deal with their own anxieties about it. They all felt the energy keenly and I was so impressed that the children especially took so well to the process. After the family returned home, I emailed them a custom booklet I made of “mini-Reiki” instructions, A few weeks later, I received this precious email from 10-year-old Amayah:

“Hey Pamela, This is Amayah and I wanted to thank you soooo much for helping me remember the raki thing and I also wanted to let u know that I love giving raki to my family and u are so wonderful and amazing and I am soooo glad that u taught me raki and I also wanted to thank you for being so kind and open with us and just being so nice so thank you and I thank god so much for putting wonderful people like u on earth to help and give out smiles   ~ lots of love ~ Amayah