Soul in Bloom

by Pamela Bloom, B.A, Msc

Energy healing is both an ancient art and a modern science. In ancient times, before industrialized medicine, healing was a sacred art, practiced by those who understood that our universal life force could be channeled through a person - via touch, prayer or heartfelt intent - for the betterment of another.

Quantum Healing in Your Hands

Today, this perspective is firmly rooted in quantum physics - the scientifically proven insight that we as living lifeforms on this planet are surrounded and penetrated by a single energy field that can be affected by intention. Ancients had a name for the energy in this unified field, which for thousands of years they called Qi, Chi or Prana…depending on the culture. As an energy healing practitioner, I combine several different approaches to transmitting this life force, supported by my ability to inspire the deep meditative states in which true healing can occur. I call my unique approach Deep Immersion Healing™. Sessions with me can be done in person as you sit in a chair or lie in a bed. I also give sessions over the phone or Skype, and even long-distance without contact.

One of the forms my Deep Immersion Healing™sessions incorporates is a widely known energy known as Reiki, the Japanese term for universal life force energy. As a form of alternative energy medicine, the practice of Reiki allows the trained facilitator access to this unlimited supply of life force energy. Through initiation, practice and experience, the Reiki practitioner is able to use this energy released from the hands (sometimes touching the client, sometimes not) to promote the balancing of the body’s energies, including the chakras, considered to be power centers in the body. For almost everybody, the experience is one that feels completely organic. No prior experience in meditation is necessary, and not even belief in the practice is required. Receiving a Reiki treatment is like taking yourself to a gas station and filling up on vital fuel. Most of us know that when our body is low on energy, it becomes more susceptible to illness. Therefore, Reiki treatments can provide a natural support to the body’s own self-healing powers, whether you are presently experiencing illness or simply want to rebalance your system.

Hospital Support

Conventional medicine is becoming more and more aware and appreciative of the supportive effect of energy healing. Today, over 800 hospitals in the U.S. offer some form of Reiki through their Departments of Integrative Medicine. Medical research has shown that patients who receive Reiki recover faster, experience less pain and are more emotionally stable through their hospitalization than others. Among hospitals offering Reiki are Columbia University Medical Center, Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital, CT, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY, University Medical Center, AZ, Dana Faber Cancer Institute, MA and Hartford Hospital Integrative Medicine, CT, as well as well as Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in New York City, where I presently practice.

Reiki is even being used during surgery, as introduced by the world-famous heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz, at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. The story of that collaboration can be read in the inspiring book The Healing Power of Reiki by Raven Keyes. Listen to Dr. Oz talk about Reiki here.

While I continue to work with patients on the ward at Beth Israel, I welcome the opportunity to work privately with patients prior and after surgery, and with their surgeon’s consent, even during surgery.

In my own private practice, I have seen time and again that the more a client receives energy treatments, the easier it is to feel and experience deeper effects beyond the physical. Many people report that over time they experience more positive emotions, a deeper attunement to their spiritual self and a growing confidence towards life. In truth, anyone can learn to transmit Reiki and even learn to give it to oneself and others, even to plants and animals. Reiki is a powerful way to self-heal and continue the upward curve of health and renewal. That said, the more experienced and holistically developed your Reiki practitioner is, the more likely that you will feel stronger effects.

Dissolving Clouds

I also practice a healing technique called Johrei. It also comes from a Japanese source, a man by the name of Mokiti Okada, who in the 1930s developed a way of working with what he called Divine Light so that people could help each other heal in all aspects of their lives. Like Reiki, Johrei is also a technique of transmitting universal life force energy through the hands, though generally the giver does not touch the receiver. It has been said that while the Reiki energy first touches the physical, then proceeds to the spiritual dimension, Johrei first affects the spiritual dimension, then proceeds to the physical. One of the tenets of the Johrei practice is that illness and imbalanced life conditions may be caused by what are termed “clouds” on our spiritual bodies. These clouds take the form of physical toxins (food, medicine, pollution, etc.), emotional toxins (extreme anger, fear, resentment, etc.) and spiritual toxins (our own past deeds or those of our ancestors). In the book I am presently writing I have many stories to share about how the dissolution of these clouds have “magically” freed people from their personal obstructions.

Reiki and Johrei combined

I received my Reiki Master Level training almost 30 years ago and have been a certified Johrei practitioner since 1993. Since then, I have been utilizing both of these energies in treatments, realizing each one perfectly complements the other. In fact, the combination of Reiki and Johrei, in addition to my developed ability to lead people into deep states of meditation, continues to produce powerful results. In 2014 I also began doing long-distance sessions over the phone, guiding clients into deeper states of consciousness while directing energy to them. Judging from my client’s feedback, they regularly experience a deepened sense of relaxation, reduced pain, more balanced emotions, and often significant physical healings. One woman, the day following hip surgery, was able to throw away her pain medicine after one treatment in the hospital. Another client, a 71-year-old Brazilian woman, recently shared how my long-distance work helped her recover much more quickly from a traumatic bike spill, including the removal of her wrist cast 16 days early! You can read about this and many more testimonies about my work here.

AIDS and Energy Healing

One of the most powerful stories I want to share with you happened during the 1990s, when I was on the healing staff at the Manhattan Center for Living, founded by the best-selling author Marianne Williamson. One of my clients, by the name of Kathy, was a beautiful woman who had contracted the HIV virus from her husband. Later, she came down with a particularly virulent eye disease related to AIDS, one which many people at that time died from. When Kathy was sent to the hospital for what proved to be an extreme case, I visited every day for a week to give her an hour-long energy healing treatment. At the end of that week her doctor said to her, “What have you been doing? You should be dead by now. But there is only a tiny speck left on your eye.” We were thrilled at the result, medically confirmed, and Kathy left the hospital a new woman, filled with hope. A year and a half later, she did pass away from another infection, but her indomitable spirit left me with so many beautiful memories, especially regarding the moment of her peaceful passing. You can read about this here.

Adjunct to Detox

Around that same time, I worked with a young man who was also HIV-positive but needed to detox immediately from a bad allergic reaction caused by the powerful cocktail of AIDS drugs he was taking. When he called me, I immediately went to his home and found him in a terrible state, shaking and anxiety-ridden, just as if he was withdrawing from narcotics. Watching him suffer in such a state was painful, but for the next two hours I gave him a continuous treatment, never taking my hand down. But what happened next was a surprise even to me. As his symptoms shifted and diminished over the next two hours, it was as if I was watching the time-lapse photography of a flower opening. And, exactly at the two-hour mark, he jumped out of bed, spread his arms wide and announced in a bright voice, “That’s it. It’s over. Let’s have dinner.” All his symptoms were gone and, by golly,  he looked refreshed! Even his doctor was amazed when he found out how quickly and successfully he had detoxed.

Liberation from Coma

A little while later, this same client asked me to see a friend of his who was in the hospital. The friend had been in a coma for a week and the doctors couldn’t figure out why. Standing by his bedside, I gave the comatose patient an energy treatment for about 30 minutes and then left, with a prayer in my heart. A half hour later, to the surprise of his doctors, the young man emerged suddenly from his coma, perfectly well, and went onto a healthy life. The experience taught me, along with many others, that there is no situation which energy healing cannot support.

Deep Immersion Healing™ and Cancer

Most recently, I have worked privately with two clients going through chemo for different forms of cancer. In both cases, their cancer disappeared halfway through their treatment. Although their chemo treatments differed in scope, each client had been seeing me two times week (three in some cases). While I recognize the brilliance of traditional medical protocol, I believe energy work can supplement and speed the process. For each patient I made a customized meditation tape that allowed them to reframe their experience of receiving chemo by seeing it as an “elixir”.  In this way we were able to maximize their natural mind-body intelligence to embrace the treatment fully. Because of my intuitive abilities, I was also able to help them connect the dots between their emotional patterns and the inner causes of illness in order to promote more positive lifestyle choices.

Healing through Sound

In the intervening years, I have served many clients from all walks of life. When the environment is appropriate and at the client’s request, I incorporate a form of healing I call Healing through Sound or Vibrational Healing, which combines healing through my actual singing voice and an intuitive reading of the client’s life issues. This is also a beautiful, relaxing session, in which the client in a prone position is led into a meditative state while I tone into the energy fields. Afterwards, I share with the client the psycho-spiritual information I received that can help them reactivate their chakras and overcome blocks and obstacles.  I developed this work back in the mid-1980s as I was healing my own singing voice, after studying with sound masters like Jeanette Lovetri and Jill Purce, who like myself worked with healing from expanded states of consciousness. In his book The Healing Power of Sound, New York City oncologist Mitchell Gaynor, MD, writes eloquently about this modality now on the cutting edge of clinical care, one which continues to be an important part of my tool kit. I remember one Episcopalian monk who was shocked to see his Tourette symptoms completely stop during my toning. Another client, an assistant conductor at the Metropolitan Opera, actually had an out-of-body experience during his session - for the first time in his life! Through both my singing and speaking voice, clients have reported being transported to deep states of consciousness where they have received inner messages, experienced blissful colors and lights, connected to their higher guidance or simply rested in mind without thought.

Guided Journeying

Because our mind, body and emotions are all interconnected, my healing work now includes multiple ways and means to assist clients on a long-term basis to uncover emotional patterns related to their physical conditions. This work, inspired by the work of Caroline Myss, Brandon Bays, Carl Jung, Colin Tipping and others,  combines guided meditation and psycho-therapeutic techniques to assist the client in becoming more aware of energy-depleting patterns and how to transform them.

Help for Care-Givers

Since working on the Energy Healing Team at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, I’ve seen again how energy work combined with guided meditation immediately helps patients in all conditions relax and find relief.  Often I also give treatments to the families of patients who are suffering from the stress of care-giving. Because families are joined together by what I call energetic or spiritual cords, the stress and pain one relative may be feeling is often directly transmitted to another. That’s why it’s so beneficial for a family member to receive an energy healing even, and especially, when a relative is suffering physically or emotionally.

Beyond Time and Space

And energy healing can happen anywhere! Read my blog account of how I dropped to my knees in the middle of Broadway, in front of the Time-Warner Building, to treat a guy being guarded by cops. Now that was fun!!!

My Inspirations

How do I recharge myself? Over the years, I have had the opportunity to know and in some cases work closely with several of the world’s most powerful living spiritual teachers and healers, among them Ammachi, Mooji, Braco and John of God. Each of them, through their loving presence and unique modalities, remains a glowing inspiration to me, while I continue to forge my singular path to serve others.

My Belief in Your Healing

I welcome the opportunity to meet you and discuss what might be the most appropriate route for your healing. In the end, there is no one healing path that is right for everybody, and there are definitely no guarantees, even if you work with the “most powerful” healer in the world. My strongest belief about healing is that each of us holds the portal inside ourself to our own unique balance and wholeness, and I believe the best healing facilitator provides the loving, gentle, focused environment for this recognition to take place. Indeed, healing is a lifelong privilege! In the end, as the great Ernest Holmes wrote, “each of us is an inlet and outlet to God.” As we recognize our basic interdependence with all life, with this energy Source that flows in us, through us, around us, connecting us to all Life, we will be better equipped to contribute and participate in this miraculous experience we call “Life on Earth.:

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Reiki, or any of my work, is not used as a substitute for medical treatment.

I  do not diagnose or suggest treatment.

You should continue to see your medical caregiver regularly.



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